Unable to solve the Apple TV/Watch ESPN techno rubix cube

tonight. Which is too bad. Sounds like I missed a very fun game. Can’t wait till the opponents become more challenging and watching the telecasts becomes less so.

I just got Apple TV for just that reason, to watch hogs. Just go to the watch ESPN app and close to game time it shows up. Haven’t missed a game. If it’s on sec+ then on the watch ESPN app just scroll to channels and it is there

yeah it was there, but asking me for an access code and directing me to log on to lap top or cell phone. After 30 minutes I gave up. It’s hit or miss. Sometimes I’m able to watch, sometimes I’m not.

I have an Amazon Fire Stick. There are times that I cannot get into the WatchESPN app. When that happens, I log out of WatchESPN (while in the app). Then I go through the procedure of setting up the app again. That involves going to the URL provided and following the instructions (I use my laptop). It has never failed to work.

Are you putting in your cable provider info correctly? I’ve been watching basketball and baseball games on the Watch ESPN app on Apple TV for 3 years now. Put my cable provider info in first time, and got an on-screen message to go to a weird looking http address. It also listed a 5 or 6 digit code to enter once there. Did it the first time, works flawlessly ever since.

Exactly. Speaking of that, remember to use your cable/satellite provider and NOT your ISP provider. So mine is DirecTV and not AT&T u-verse.

And, that, in a nutshell, is exactly the problem I have been having with the service. Not clear at all as you go through the process because it kept saying enter yout service provider. Being of the stupid persuasion, it was hard to convince myself that my ISP is not my service provider.

It is beyond my limited technical abilities. I just wanna turn on the TV and go to a channel that I can easily find. Too many devices and remotes involved in this process for me.

Once you get it set up, it should be much easier to navigate. Although it will never be just another “number on the dial.”