Unable to read forums

It’s so frustrating. On my phone I can’t read articles without the 502 error. On the forums I get a message that I’m not subscribed

It’s getting to the point that as much as I love the site, it’s just too much work trying to access content

Have had same problem, but it’s working ok for me now.

Was having the same problem a while back on my android. I solved it by uninstalling WHS app and reinstalling it.

yeah, I don’t use the app. maybe I should switch to that. that way I can uninstall and reinstall.

All the account issues seem clear this morning.

It’s all so frustrating, not knowing if you can access or not from day to day

Mine was out about 3 weeks. Reported to Matt, but IT couldn’t seem to figure it out, so on a whim I uninstalled and that seemed to solve the problem.

It always seems to crop up when an update comes out, whether WHS or phone update.

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I have had the same problem today on my phone. As Matt says, the IT guys are working to fix it.

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