Umps have overturned two calls in ND-Texas

And they showed replays in the stadium on both.

Meanwhile in Chapel Hill, they showed almost no replays at all; I think the two homers on Saturday were replayed, but certainly not any close calls by the umps. You watching at home had a lot better idea of close calls than I did in the ballpark.

I can’t even remember if there were any calls challenged in the super.

I was listening to the radio coverage on my way home from the Catfish Hole. The commentators mentioned several times about the difference between the CWS and the Supers. The camera coverage (many more cameras), the replays in stadium, and miking of the umps were all different. They were also impressed by the speed of the decisions.
I noticed that, unlike the supers, if a call was changed in favor of the disputing team that team kept its challenge. In the supers, each team got two challenges. Win or lose, they were through.

Watched at the game, that ball hit the knob, SQUARE on.

Yep, it was obvious on the replay on TV.

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Agree. Square on.

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