Umpires Nueter Great Pitchers...

Tonight was a classic example of why baseball is so hard to predict. An umpires strike zone can drastically change a game. In this case it went both ways… BUT had we pitched a 90 mph pitcher that lived on the corners, we were dead. Same for Tennessee. Great game but ump pretty much gave both teams batters dead red sit in the middle of the plate or take (through six innings anyway). Can’t remember such a tight zone. Not a pitchers friend!

Riveting game!

As long as he’s consistent you just have to adjust, whether you’re the pitcher or the hitter.

Thank goodness that strike zone was on Friday and not Sunday. That umpire might have the teams on the field for six hours on a Sunday.

Neither of those starters walk batters. They had combined for 21 walks in 106 2/3 innings prior to tonight, when they combined for seven walks in 9 1/3 innings.

well he had a pro strike zone and last time I checked none of these guys getting paid yet and that’s unfair.these guys need to given an inch or two on the corners b/c they are niot pro’s yet it cost both pitchers tonight b/c you had to put the ball over the plate and therefore they got hit hard. way to tight IMO.

It was too tight. He was calling balls on some very good pitches. It did appear to loosen as the game advanced, but that’s not good, either. Need consistency. Plus he made just a couple of really bad calls. (I suppose that’s to be expected. I haven’t seen one call a perfect game yet.)

When speaking of umps and consistency,
I guess it boils down to this,
Does each ump call it consistently behind the plate each time when we play? Would think players and coaches keep track of that.
Do they call it differently depending on which 2 teams are playing and where and who’s pitching? That may be a little harder to track though.

Normally umps have tendencies you can track. One guy gives the outside, one guy gives inside, one guy makes you keep it above the knees, etc. What has to be frustrating is the guy whose strike zone is different every day. Or every inning.

Worked out pretty good for us…

Is eye exam required to be an ump?

If Goodheart is sitting out again today, maybe he can lend the HP Ump his contacts for the game :lol:

Or at least refer him to a good Eye Dr.