Umpire in MSST game getting a shout out on twitter

Ridiculous how you can be that bad

The funny part is that the catcher set up there and never moved. Which I think is a bette strategy than framing most pitches.

Catching is an art.

Was that Perry Costello?

Was that you that replied?

Love it.

of the far batter’s box.


We’re not the only ones who have had issues with old Perry. From EOE-A in 2017:

For future reference, according to the box score at the Leghumper website, the HPU last night against South Alabama was Brian Hale.

He was giving about a foot outside and yeas in the LH batters box but nothing on the inside corner. Most of those calls outside were with Miss ST on the mound.
I’m was hard to watch at times. The home plate umpire needs to go back to recreational slow pitch softball.

That umpire would have no chance in rec slowpitch softball. A mother would be waiting for him in the parking lot and beat him up.

You made a good point about the mom! Maybe he should just give it up!