ump had no guts!

you knew we weren’t going to get that on the road!

It was close. Looked safe from where I’m sitting!

I think it comes down to there was no conclusive look to overturn the call. Had he been called safe, I think it would have stood.

he was safe and the ss retagged because he knew he missed him!

He was safe. Never tagged him. If he had he wouldn’t have retagged. I really hate the replay system. Just get rid of it. They amazingly somehow seem to get more wrong with it.

He was every bit as safe as the runner who left early was out. Either have the stones to make the right call or get rid of the system.

Oh and why you’re at it get rid of umps who don’t know what a strike is.

Agree with this perspective.

I also thought, on the play they reviewed to see if the Ole Miss player touched second on the double play attempt in an earlier inning (that call was correctly upheld as “safe”) that our runner beat the throw at first. It was kind of the same thing - I believe he was safe, but it was so close that you’re not going to get it overturned, no matter what was ruled on the field. On the road in the SEC, those calls almost always are called for the home team (on the field). If that runner had been ruled safe, would also have changed that inning for us.

It was a very frustrating game. I only saw bits & pieces of the first 5 inning because I was out to dinner & had to sneak looks on my phone—with my aging eyes, a very difficult task. However, what I saw led me to believe we had lots of blown chances. Hate our runner (was it Koch?) left 3rd base for home without checking to see if the ball got through. I doubt he was sent home. That play really changed that inning.

I thought Shaddy was safe, too, but I couldn’t complain that it was upheld on the replay. Another game changing break. He’d have scored.

On a side note, I got tired of the announcers. I know they were OM annoucners, but they still annoyed me. Too much homerism on what’s supposed to be a neutral broadcast.

I’m somewhat optimistic about today’s game. I’m confident Murphy will pitch well. I don’t know anything about their Sunday starter, but so far we’ve been hitting the ball pretty well. Just haven’t done it at the right times.

we were 2/11 with RISP saame as last weekend.I’m a little concerned about today becasue they just saw a lefty in lee and wore him out.Murphy pitches like him as far as velocity just hope he can hit the corners and these crazy umps will give it to him…their 3rd starter has an ERA under 2 like all theirs do so it will be tough,

It was Cole who tried to score

I was initially upset that he tried, but looking at it in replay, I don’t think he could have gotten back to third.
It was hit sharply to third baseman who was relatuvely close to the bagel in all just a lot of breaks against use