Umm we just got a new commitment…

Per UA social media…

Okay, I’ll be the first to bite–Huh?

Former UCF LB Antonio Grier Jr.


I hope that he is not following his coach. Many of the posters here don’t like that.


Really irks me when a player follows a coach…

So the player should be loyal to his school rather than his “Daddy” (coach) who has and is developing him? Oh wait, it should actually be determined by NIL bidding? How about I’m just glad that we got him and a most gracious welcome to the program?!!


Unless we hired a coach from the University of South Florida this guy didn’t follow his coach. USF not UCF…


Sorry my first thought when I saw the Florida was the new defensive coordinator especially since there had been no report of us recruiting him.

So 1 or 2 yrs left of eligibility? Good pickup too.

He entered the the transfer portal and committed to UCF. Now he’s headed here.

He’s a player! Will fill a whole and scrape outside… he’s an SEC level LBer

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His twitter also says UCF linebacker that is where I saw it.

I don’t know about filling a whole. But I bet he makes a whole lot of tackles. :innocent:


He announced he would transfer to UCF from South Florida 10 days ago.

It’s late and I’m wintering this refinery…. Lol… he will fill a whole lotta holes!

We got some good looking LBers on this team, as of tonight at least…

I put his highlights under the thread Richard started

That is truth in the portal world we live in now.

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