Umm...Mike Norvell on Twitter is

Sundenlly following current Arkansas player’s & commits even our own Richard Davenport…is this a fantastic coincidence?

Well, how 'bout the link?


You can’t directly link follower’s or profiles


Has been for at least a month…

Apparently, JCP also told the staff that a new HC would be named within the next 10 days. That was on Saturday.

Also, several AR reporters are saying they have sources saying the name isn’t being released because they’re coaching in a game this weekend.

The two names that are being mentioned are Norvell and Venebles.

Yes, the reports are saying he’s following the AR players, but Otis Kirk pointed out that at Memphis he probably recruited them.

Two schools of thought, either he keeping up with them because he may become the Hogs coach or he’s poaching. At least he’s working both angles ! WPS

He’s following some recruits as well.

Also, there was a report out that he was negotiating a contract extension. He was asked about it today, and didn’t answer with a yes or no, he kind of deflected the answer

Mike and I have followed one another for awhile. I can’t remember exactly when but it’s been a good amount of time. He and Arkansas have recruited some of the same guys dating back to his days at Arizona State. Only makes sense he would do the same at Memphis.

Or he followed him them in recruiting and didn’t delete when they came here.

Some friends and I noticed this 4-6 weeks ago and compared how the “follows” showed up for us and decided recent didn’t have to be too recent and the algorithm may sort them based on mutual types of follows/followers.

I remember it showed some Hogs as Norvell’s recent follows on mine but also showed Memphis Football’s official Twitter as one, too.

If he’s dumb enough to start following all of our players before he has our job and while he’s the sitting coach, elsewhere, I’m not sure we want him.

I don’t think that’s what is goint on with his feed.

Notorious, I agree. I don’t think he would be tipping his hand. He is too smart to do that!

If he really wants our job, I’m not sure he’s tipping his hand too much. He has plausible deniability if it doesn’t work out here (or anywhere other than Memphis), but according to my friends in Memphis, they’ve thought for months he was coming here. Of course, that’s based on what they know of his side. Obviously the UA has some say in that as well. I suppose GM could truly be in play if he loses to UGA. Venables & Norvell could both still be in play. Right now I just hope any of the 3 would like our job.

U mean the guy that said Norvell was out of the running yesterday? More BS

Or maybe the job is his already

Otis and 247 was issuing apologies last night for saying things like that.

even the Memphis 247 site was telling them they were wrong and he was following the recruits since he had recruited them