UMiami fires OC

January 27 is a strange time to fire a coordinator, but oh well. Dan Enos has already had that job once. Doubt they’d come after him again.

And the return to greatness at the U continues to be just a couple of years away for probably the twentieth straight year.


My cousin went to “The U” and he says they have the most delusional fan base around.

You might think with their past success buying teams the NIL would turn them loose in today’s lassie fare environment.

Yeah I have a very good friend who is a big U fan and he was so disgusted halfway through the season about how things have transpired. The new coach is coming in and running a totally different ship and it’s not totally being accepted so we will see how things turn out.

The U has a very wealthy alum who is trying to do just that. It ain’t working.

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“Lassie fare” NIL environment? Is that all it takes? You mean you can buy the top dogs with dog food?


All they need is to hire a former Arkansas football player as a coach. I keep telling my cousin that. Even though he was not the biggest fan of Jimmy Johnson.

Just the opposite I’d think. Now that everyone can do it, it lessens their advantage.

Perfect response. :rofl: :rofl:

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Speaking of which, what a beautiful dog you have. As I type, my almost 2 year old Black
Lab is sleeping in my lap. Here’s his reaction when I turned on the Puppy Bowl a year ago. I won’t make that mistake again.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My laissez-faire spellcheck clearly requires higher proficiency in oversight or relegations to Aggieland as a sub for Reveille . :flushed:

Np, I figured that is what it was, there are some great comedians around, but nothing is funnier than spellcheck. And btw, knowing A&M, I bet Reveille, collie or not, is being paid a lot more than “lassie fare”.


More delusional than the Aggies?

I guess the Aggies are even more delusional. At least Miami has won Natties before, so maybe it’s not totally delusional to think it can happen there again.

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