Ultimate tailgating experience?

Right now, we ALL pine to get back to watching games. Of course, the best way is in person…but any of us would take streaming on our phones if we could get it.

Saw this today, and had to share. If you CAN’T get to the game (or live far away), wouldn’t it be super to set up some picnic tables and a few grills in a calm area (park, out near a lake, etc.) and then roll this in?

I sat there before a game this past year.


Do explain, Marty…in Fayetteville - someone has this kind of a setup on game day? Where? Who sponsors it? How much $$ to participate, or for private parties only?

Look closely at the photo, Dave. It’s taken ON Maple Street north of the stadium. That’s the Admin building behind and to the right of the screen.

I’d never have recognized the location from that photo. In fact, I took it from a website of a Tennessee-based company, so I didn’t really pay attention to the background. Would never have assumed/guessed it was in Fayetteville.

OK - so that’s THAT part of the question. The rest is - who sponsors it? Why were you there (Marty)?
How much does the screen cost to rent, etc.???

The university/athletic department did that. Maple street was closed to traffic (look at the stop light and the street sign there.) It was called the HogTown Street Festival. Check out the description in this article about homecoming. (Scroll down just a little.)

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