UK v Vandy

UK leads Vandy 10-9 in the top of the 8th inning.

Vanderbilt was up 9-0 in that game. That’s shocking against that Kentucky lineup. The Wildcats scored seven runs the entire series against Arkansas.

Fellows gave up five ER and the bullpen hasn’t been any better.

Unless more lightning pops up. They cannot restart the game after midnight Eastern; it would be suspended until Saturday afternoon.

Vandy hit a two-run triple off the wall in center field in the eighth inning and is back ahead, 11-10.

UK coming up to bat now, no further damage in the 8th.

If Kentucky can’t come back, all three of the teams tied for 12th will have lost tonight. I still have no idea who wins the tiebreaker and goes to Hoover if the three-way tie is not broken.

Meanwhile Moo U got three touchdowns and a field goal and beat the Poultry 24-7.

Vandy is pulling away now, up 13-10 in the ninth.

It would come down to wins vs. each seed in the tournament, beginning with No. 1, which will likely be Vanderbilt. If Kentucky were to defeat Vanderbilt once this weekend, it would be the No. 12 seed because Vanderbilt swept Alabama and South Carolina.

If Vanderbilt sweeps Kentucky, the tiebreaker would become the three teams’ head-to-head vs. Georgia. Kentucky defeated Georgia once, Georgia swept South Carolina and is up 1-0 this weekend on Alabama.

That goes down the list through the No. 11 seed in the tournament. Then if they are still tied, a name would be drawn out of a hat.

Vanderbilt scored twice in the eighth inning and five times in the ninth, and defeated Kentucky 16-10.

Arkansas remains one game back in the SEC race.

I was afraid that UK lead wouldn’t hold. Vandy had runners at the corners with 1 out in T8 when the game was suspended. I figured at least one would score & UK pitching couldn’t sustain much more. Sure enough, the dam broke.

I’ll be surprised if UK wins a game. Looks like Vandy will be the SEC champ.

we win that game against Fellows 9/10 times with all the runners we left on base,they need to consider themselves very lucky b/c he’s good but certainly not good enough to hold us to 2 runs.

The home plate umpire didn’t do the home team any favors. It appeared to be a one way strike zone when play resumed and Vandy had a hit with runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 outs that just keep carrying and the outfielder just couldn’t catch it. 2 runs score and some pitiful calls in the bottom half of the inning.
The hogs just need to beat Texas A&M and not worry about what Vandy does or Miss State! It’s also worth mentioning that Georgia is only a game behind the hogs as well for seeding in Hoover.