UK poll: American football 2nd most boring sport

Behind only golf, ahead of cricket and darts. Track and field was regarded as the most thrilling sport, while soccer was about evenly split – 43% found it thrilling, 40% boring.

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I posted my opinion…LOL. Crazy Brits!

I’ve been to a lot of track meets for junior high/elementary, and helped as a judge/starter. I watch the Olympics. It is interesting, and occasionally exciting. But I can’t ever recall it being thrilling, even when my own sons were competing.

The only thing worse than track is field.

UK, as in Kentucky? :wink:

I have always joked that football is fourth most popular there behind basketball, horse racing and NASCAR.

I think track meets can be exciting when great athletes are there. Try making it to Arkansas for an SEC or NCAA Indoor meet sometime if you haven’t previously. I am not a track enthusiast by any means, but those are fun.

The sprints are 10 seconds of boom in the final 100 meters, whether its the 100, 200 or 400. A 1500 or 5000 or 10000 can let the tension build as runners execute their tactics, and occasionally someone will throw in a surprise early surge to liven things up. The back and forth in the pole vault and the high jump as the bar is raised can be pretty engrossing. Shot and discus bore me to tears, really, and javelin is only interesting to see if someone gets skewered. :twisted:

My first thought when I saw “UK” was Univ of Ky poll. Now that I know it’s the United Kingdom, I’m not too surprised they think that about American football. They don’t understand it. I admit that some foreigner might think the delays between plays lends itself to boredom, but to me it’s the most exciting game there is. Basketball is close & in some ways more exciting because of the action, but to me, football is the top. College football that is. Just don’t watch the NFL these days.

The older I get the more parochial my sports interest. I find myself interested if one of the teams is wearing a Razorback on the uniform. If there are no Razorbacks, I’m only mildly interested or not interested at all. Just me, I guess.

I agree with you about college football, but I can watch any college game–D-I, D-II, D-III. Any of them. But the ones that feature the Razorbacks, well, that’s just over-the-top great.

Come on Matt, that is a fact not a joke.