UK & AU tied at 1 in B8

strong chance that goes to extra innings further delaying our start.

Not any more… Kentucky just got back to back dingers… now up 3-1 no outs in the top of the 9th.

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Which will not help Aubie’s hopes of a national seed.

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That boy crushed that ball to center field you don’t see too many go out dead center in this ballpark

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how are y’all watching it? I can’t find it streaming on my computer. I’m only seeing the updated stats.

Anu hit it 428 to straight center, while Fogler hit it 416 to left of Center. Both big hits!!

SECN, Chip.

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All the SEC tournament games are on the SEC Network on TV.

It’s on the SEC network

It’s on SEC Now on my tv

The TV schedule is all off
If you look at SECN live it will be the game

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I got it now, Thanks

What’s this about DVH not going to be with the team? Is he sick?

Apparently. Resting at the team hotel.

Kentucky wins 3-1

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