UK a bit banged up heading into the weekend

Maybe Cal will catch the trots and food poisoning!
It will be a good game if the hogs show up ready to play!

We badly need to win this game. I’ve been thinking we were in, but if we lose to KY after two road losses, I’m not so sure we can count on making it. Need to win Sat & at least one or maybe 2 in the SECT to be sure we’re in. But I’m afraid about the best we can hope for is maybe a 7 seed. Think I’d prefer to be a 10-12 seed than an 8 or 9 seed.


Eric just told me on Zoom that they expect Wallace to play because Cal said X-ray was fine and there wasn’t swelling. Figured I’d ask given Cal also said he wasn’t sure.

1st off I won’t trust any declarations Cal makes (good or bad).
Tenn lost a big time player early against us on Saturday and we still lost baaadly.
We embarrassed ky at ky recently and you know Cal is looking for revenge on the hill.
IF the starting 5 AND the rotating two or three extras were re-jumbled even though its the last game before sect, that would show me we’re still searching
for THE ONES and that’s sad this late but admirable.
Possibly the same 5 that started in Lexington?
Ahhh just read Scottie. Thanks! However, it shouldn’t matter either way, we need this one bad.

I never thought Wallace wouldn’t play. Guarantee Cal wants this game bad.
We need to want it worse.

I’ve thought that way, too. I wrote the story and asked the question just to give the latest on the status of a key player on the next team Arkansas plays.

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