UIC at Arkansas game 4

It’s 52 windy baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball


Surprised we’re not seeing their other very good LHP. Torres as an over 11 era and given up 13 hits in 7 innings
That’s okay with me lol.

Great job to get outta jam wiggins!

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Yeah but he got away with one on that last fly ball win wasn’t blowing in that ball was gone. I don’t know why he doesn’t try to go with some offspeed pitches to try to keep people off balance. That’s what got him in trouble in the SEC, they can hit the fastball.

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OMG. lanzilli number 4 hitter struck out without ever swinging the bat unbelievable.
This umpire sucks. So inconsistent

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We are making this guy look Cy young. Came into the game with 11 era 13 hits in 7 inning

Well it’s early! I hope the bats wake up.

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This is the best Wiggins has looked… very sharp only 45 pitches in three innings. Fastball is really tailing away on the corners

Been the same pretty much the start of the season to.

He just has much better control so far this game.

Love to see us playing some small ball that’s what it’s going to take to win some of these games in the SEC 2 awesome bunts by Gregory and now Moore. Gets us 2 runs

Well I knew I shouldn’t have started bragging on him as he walks the first two nowhere near the plate. You got to be consistent in this league… Turner has got to catch that ball. just gave them a run

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Small ball has become a lost art!
Wiggins now has lost command some lead off walk and then another walk runners at 1st and 2 nd no outs! Not a good look. And now Ramage is up! I hope Ramage can stay out of this game for a little longer and come in without runners on base.
Free runs will get you beat.
DVH just needs to go take the ball from Wiggins. 3 walks and 2 runs and they have not hit the ball yet!

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Wiggins has struggled today. Very inconsistent.

Wiggins ain’t got it today either.

Yeah and that’s going to get him killed in the SEC. Every game he has pitch like this. Suicide mission if this continues. Then he makes a bad decision on trying to get the guy at home plate and he had no chance whatsoever.smh they have 2 stinking runs without a hit… now he hits the batter to load the bases

3 walks and HBP and 2 runs so far.
Take him out. He is done.

So now we go from Wiggins to Ramage!
A box of chocolates

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