UIC at Arkansas DH Game 1

It’s 53 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:

. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Their LHP has been very tough.ERA under 2 21 strikeouts in13 innings. Hopefully we can get to him and win this 1st game especially since we’re starting true freshman in the second one.

Good to see us get off to a good start, very nice swings by Wallace, loved Lanzilli going up there ready to hit, nice job of slavens going with the pitch to left field.

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Noland pitching with that black eye. Pitching good so far too.

He looks great… this guy settled in for them looks like it’s going to be a very low score game. Hopefully for them at least. Not much room for error

UIC Pitcher ain’t bad either. I don’t see a lot of difference in the two right now.

Radio said something about hoping it wasn’t “serious” for Bohrofen. What happened? Injured?

He was a late scratch with a shoulder injury.

they just mentioned maybe shoulder related,was a late scratch from the lineup.yeah he was just getting comfortable at the plate.

Doesn’t sound good, but maybe it’s nothing. Hope it’s nothing.

10 in a row for the LH,he’s tough! just hope one of the RH hitters can come through for us bc LH not much of a chance…Noland can’t make any mistakes. stressful game

Need to start swinging at those 1st pitch strikes down the pike.

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Stovall just struggling big time.

Webb not seeing anything either.

Two strikes and you watch a pitch right down the middle.

yep have never understood it,this guy throws strikes! start hacking away and just maybe he will hit our bat with one!

taking too many pitches IMO

lead off BB to the 9 hitter is not good with the top of the order up