UH suspends athletics due to positive Covid19 tests

6 positives early on.
Houston is also a level 2 hot spot (Code Orange).

I hope things are back to normal soon, however, this virus is not done yet folks.Be careful.

That is why the recent surge in virus cases and hospitalizations in NWA is worrisome for its impact on UA Athletics.

With all the protest and crap, you can bet we will have a slew of new cases.

Yes, protest will add some to the cases. And now there will be a political rally next week not too far from Fayetteville that will add some more.

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I understand the doctors think indoor crowds are much more likely to be a problem than outdoor crowds, although the protests included a bunch of people pretty close together. I’m sure we’ll see within the next week or so how big an impact outdoor gathers have. Mardi Gras was blamed for much of the outbreak in New Orleans in March, but I doubt you can have an outdoor crowd more tightly packed than a Mardi Gras crowd in NOLA. Add in all the touching, hugging, kissing, drink sharing & all else that accompanies Mardi Gras & it’s a virus’s paradise.

I guess we’re about to find out.

I would have been inclined to agree about outdoor sports, except that it was Spain/Italy outdoor soccer matches that spread & worsened the pandemic in those countries.

We are at the highest volume of Covid19 cases here in DFW & growing since this pandemic started. We may have reopened the restaurants, bars, & offices too quickly & now it is much worse. Understand the same is true in Houston & Austin.

Was concerned this would happen & that it would jeopardize the students returning to college & risk to Fall college sports. During the current level of restlessness & protests, this country needs the distraction of pro & college sports.

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didn’t know that. good point

I was in Houston yesterday (a little south, actually, in Galveston County). Ridiculous. Saw very few masks, restaurants basically opened as normal, and people wanting to shake my hand in a meeting. I mean, I’m generally OK with opening it up, but a big part of our society is dumb/uninformed and selfish. They don’t know the risks of the virus and don’t know how to be responsible and act for the benefit of others around them. That may be the reason we buy ourselves another shutdown if the cases continue rising in Texas. And probably Arkansas, too.


One particular soccer match has been isolated as a “biological bomb”. It was a Champions League match between an Italian team and a Spanish team. ESPN.com tells you the rest.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I drove home (from decorating graves) via Elk River in SW Missouri. I drove over the low water bridge, which is upstream from the old Ginger Blue (and Noel). The idiots were thick on the gravel bar and without masks. All I could do was shake my head.

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Freedom & individual rights are in part what make this country great. However, some freedoms are not always in the best in the best interests of the general public & may infringe on others, such as during pandemics.

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