Uh oh

There might be chaos in Vegas! What happens if USC goes down?

Suckeyes make the playoffs.

Ugh! C’mon, contraceptives!

If USC goes down tonight, tomorrow we will
play a basketball game. Kinda my thoughts.


Wow! Does Bama have a chance if TCU goes down?


Yep. Would be two sec teams and 2 big ten teams

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Probably the best 4 teams. If that’s the case, I’m pulling for K-State tomorrow.

Another question is??

Who wins the Heisman??


Buckeyes back into the playoffs, win it and their insufferable fans pi$$ down the legs of all college football.

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No idea, Mike, but D-Mac is long overdue. I would give it to him.:sunglasses:


USC down and TCU down, the Tide in…IMO

Best idea I’ve heard in a LONG time!!!



I hate the cheating tats.

UTAH rolling!!


I love the idea of the 12 team playoff, and tonite just justifies it for me.

At least the Hogs might be one of the 12 in some years. We have no chance under the current setup.


Lincoln Riley was scared to come to the SEC, and now he’s been beat twice by a team that lost to a team that got beat by Vandy.

Just let that sink in.

Not really gloating, because we somehow keep spitting the bit against Mizzou and A$M, but at least we play in a real conference.
Hopefully, we’ll get our s$%t together soon.

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Same old USC teams we’ve seen ever since Pete Carroll left. Soft, soft, soft. Utah bullied them into submission. I don’t think there’s been a USC team since Pete left for Seattle that could have won more than 4 SEC games in a season.

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We are KState fans for sure. Especially since I was born in Colby in 50. I think if Alabama gets back in, they win.

I wouldn’t bet against them.

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