Uh Oh!

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The two most predictable things this morning: the sun rising in the east & Auburn fans crying for Gus to be fired. (By the way, I didn’t list those two things in order of most certainty.)

It was nice to wake up this morning and look around the college football scene.

  1. Hogs won!
  2. Auburn lost.
  3. Ole Miss lost.
  4. Texass lost.
  5. OU lost. Too bad Ohio State couldn’t lose too!

Should be a nice showdown in Jerry World.

Many, many, many, wanted St. Gus to coach The Hogs. Thank God that did not happen.

He can save himself with a win over Bama. That makes everything right there.

My bottle got completely emptied celebrating #1 on your list last night, but if you have any left in yours you might want to also lift a glass (after 5 o’clock somewhere, of course) to celebrate Notre Dame losing also. Mainly though, it’s WPS!!!

Soon rumours will start flying about who will become the new Auburn coach, this board will talk Petrino which ain’t gonna happen, the contract he signed has an astronomical buy out. I could see Auburn alumn going after Kiffin or even Art Briles.

Tommy Tuberville is laughing a little. Not at Gus, but about the Auburn fans.

Yes he is. HeHe

Oh yes, I love ND losing too!

From the barn board

20 hours ago, CoffeeTiger said:

A Win against LSU and the season can be turned around as crazy and unlikely as that might seem.

Jeez…I bet Napolean said something similar at Waterloo.

I think the AU fan could be right. We went to Tenn last year and started our turn around. Me, I’m dreading having to hear all that War Eagle stuff in Auburn. Don’t sell them short…