Ugly Christmas/Bowl Season Helmet Contest

Who’s wearing the ugliest bonnet of the bowl season? Kan-saw, San Diego State, Maryland and NC State all making a strong case.

Texass hands down. Every time. That horn on the side should be upside down. Oh yeah…did I mention they lost?


Kansaw wore that helmet a lot. But it is pretty ugly

Minny was right up there with that huge Gopher on its lids too.

The one on the right is the one I’n referring to

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Yes, they did lose to the goldish chrome domes of Warshington. I understand your disdain for all things TU. If I’m being honest though, I’ve always appreciated the cleaness and simplicity of their helmet. And respected the fact that they don’t change them every week.

Yeah those are pretty embarassing. Calling yourselves gophers is embarassing. Electing a rassler as your your governor is embarassing. Being represented by IO would be embarassing. A lot of embarassing things have happened in the men’s room of their airport. You could even say that Minni is the land of 10,000 embarassments.

Agree with most of that except MSP is a pretty functional airport considering it’s size and location. I use it quite often, 1 hr, 54 min to DIA.

If you get away from the Twin Cities, MN has some really great people and some nice farms. Like a lot of states, their large city ruins the rest of the state.

Maryland’s helmets look like the paint job on one of those flashy speedboats! I don’t complain about our occasional use of chrome, but I’ll draw the line if they ever go with a yellow Hog. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I kind of like how Maryland’s helmets tie in with the state flag, which is unique.

Try not to use the men’s room there Jim Dandy. You might happen upon something your mind can’t erase!

Now those are ugly.

The same used to be true at the Dillard’s store at McCain Mall, for that matter.

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Well at least the Dillards men’s room didn’t cause anyone to lose their Senate seat!

Those Gopher helmets appear to be designed by a young kid watching cartoons! Just put a stupid burgundy M on the helmet and call it a day

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Those Kan-saw Magpies are pretty cartoonish too!

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