UGLY, but I'll take any road win

Man, how in the world did they call a block on Gafford to let them shoot FT’s to tie at end of regulation? Awful.

How do we let them come down court, shoot totally uncontested 3 at top of circle, in rhythm, just a shooter’s fantasy.

It’s not coincidence that so many teams break out of shooting slumps against us, or so many guys who can’t shoot 3’s against anyone else suddenly hit 5 vs us. we REALLY make it easy for them.

All that being said, for some reason I always feel this team will be in games late. when we started so poorly, I had no worries about a blow out, this team just comes back well on teams like this. Against elite teams, like we’ll see in NCAA’s, we won’t have the luxury of waiting 12 minutes to start playing.

Hopefully Macon keeps the hot hand, Gafford gets pissed and Barford is Barford and we can work our way back to a 5 seed.

Hopefully Beard realizes that he’s not Arlyn Bowers and needs to be a glue guy and not the offenses primary option lol

This team’s gonna give me a heart attack!