UGH this ticket thing is not working **Fixed**

I got to the end. I had a game that was full, so I went back through the whole process. Then after completion I got the message:

Could not add to your order

If you want to try again, click here.

I clicked here and tried to start the whole process again. No dice. I’ve been on the wait line for the ticket office for well over 20 minutes. They finally answered AND THEN HUNG UP BEFORE I COULD TELL THEM MY PROBLEM.


I finally got through. The ticket office was having problems with phones hanging up.

I’m in GREAT shape compared to those who want family tickets. Wright and I conspired, er uh, worked together and got tickets to different games. So between the two of us we have tickets to 20 games. It’s not like being able to attend all of the games, but better than only attending 10 games.

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They changed my day from 9:00 Friday to 9:00 Thursday. I have allowed about 3 hours tomorrow to get my tickets. Now If if can only afford 10 games what I normally pay for 33 games. I would be interested to know what the other SEC schools are doling. In my opinion this could not have been handled much worse! I would imagine HY email box will be constantly full for quite some time!

They (ticket office and RF) are pretty much screwed.
It doesn’t help that 4 entire sections behind home dugout are reserved strictly for players families

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