LSU game for us

We were headed to NWA Monday stopping in Memphis to trade our RV for a newer model when we found out our 14 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with COVID. And we spent Saturday with her. So quarantine here we come again. My good buddy had set us up with LSU tickets and we were so excited to get up to visit family. Our plans were to go to the Catfish Hole tonight for the Sam Pittman show. And I had hoped to visit with Marty there. So we’re back in Chattanooga about to head to an RV park to enjoy our new Tiffin.

But the good news is that Bella Grace is doing much better and we have no symptoms. Which is a blessing. Glad we found out prior to exposing family in NWA. All in all we’re blessed.


Sorry to hear that about your granddaughter. Hope she recovers soon.

Glad to hear she is doing better! Health and well being comes first even though it sucks when your best laid plans go up in flames. Hopefully the team can give you something to celebrate on Saturday! Be well!

I hope your granddaughter recovers quickly. And I’m so sorry that you won’t be at the Catfish Hole. I would have enjoyed the visit!

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Wishing your granddaughter speedy recovery and both of you the same and hopefully no symptoms or mild symptoms. Sorry your plans got derailed but looking the big picture you have kept the rest of family and friends safer.

Hate you got derailed. Glad your granddaughter is better. Unfortunately, I’m afraid a bunch of us are going to get some plans derailed over the next few weeks. The pandemic is spreading like wildfire, so it’s going to be hard to avoid either getting it or exposed to someone who’s got it.

We usually have my mother, both my siblings & their kids for Thanksgiving. We’ve cut back on those plans, but still plan on having our kids & grandkids over. My mom still wants to come but I’m having second thoughts.

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