Guess I’m pulling for Auburn?

Tough choice.

Sad sad choices. I doubt I even watch

I should probably turn in my Razorback card for this, but I picked Kentucky for the Final Four in my bracket pool. I would call it a business decision, but I don’t like the company that would put me in!

FWIW, I picked Virginia to win it all just to go against the consensus. Last nights game was amazing.

Which cheating scumbag do I root for? Tough choice.

The announcer said John Calipari’s teams had made the Elite 8 in eight of his 10 years at Kentucky. That is nuts.

Yeah, I will never root for the “squid”. My hope would be that Auburn blow them out. Then in Pearl’s final four game, they lose by 30.

How are Pearl’s people in trouble and he’s not?

Seriously how does he get away with it?

I have to root for Kentucky or anyone against what Pearl is about.

Auburn defense and offensive rebounding is a surprise. Had not seen that before. They have shut down Herro.

Kentucky seems to have their own Jalen Harris in Hagans.

What a performance by Auburn…such a quick, fast team and so well-coached. Those kids played smart basketball and beat Kentucky without one of their best players. Auburn beat the 1 and 2 seeds to get to the Final Four. That Bruce Pearl can do two things really well…coach and sweat. I found myself pulling for Auburn…was just tired of Kentucky. Calipari did a nice job getting this Kentucky team to the Elite 8…they are not a real talented team, in my view, except for Washington.

Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, Bruce Pearl can really coach.