UGA observations w/vid

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Good story Jimmy!

One of your better ones, man

Appreciate it, guys.

Going into Nashville, I think what I’m most looking at is…

  1. How they play defensively. What do they do schematically, especially if they get to play Florida. I’ve wondered if there will come a time when Mike chucks the multiple looks and goes with what works for all/most of the games.

  2. Were the last 3 halves a signal Moses is going to be a factor in March? Because that’s huge, if so. When he’s scoring and (more importantly) commanding attention and facilitating out of the post, that helps loosen up the defense for the guards.

  3. Dustin or Arlando need to step up and consistently play well these next 2 weeks. I think Trey will wind up getting a decent amount of minutes next to Moses, barring foul trouble, down the stretch, so it would be big if one of those could step up and give them 3 good frontcourt options. We’re 30 games deep. Adjustment time is over.

  4. Is Beard finding his groove again? Saturday was a step in the right direction.