UGA O-line

Some years ago (maybe ~2003 or so) while still working and living in Johnson City, TN, I had a friend from Georgia with whom I would occasionally talk sports. One year Georgia was visiting LSU with a totally rebuilt offensive line. If memory serves, they had a rather odd situation in which all of the Georgia line starters were sophomores. I recounted how many years ago Orville Henry wrote that it took at least three years for an offensive lineman to develop and be effective. But. These days, with the money and year-round training available, especially in the large high schools, the kids are coming out much more ready to play. Additionally, they are coached in high school at a higher level than fifty years ago. Georgia won the game at LSU with that young line. I’m aware this is preaching to the choir, and only the most hopeful among us think Georgia’s line will be somehow deficient, but here it is. At least, maybe the Razorbacks will be coached better this year.

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