UGA edged St. Mary's

Some good teams are by necessity going to have to end up in the bottom half of the SEC this season.

BTW I was looking at our SEC schedule. Three out of the last four years we have had one scheduled game against UF, all in Gainesville where we always get a royal screw job by the refs. We had a home-and-home against them last year. In scheduled regular-season games four of the last five have been in their gym, and the one in our gym was when the University was still on Christmas break. Unbelievable. Geez, we have to play them in Gainesville with a personal acquaintance of the coaches officiating, and they haven’t even had to face our student section in five years.

Odd thing was St Mary’s was a decent favorite in Vegas. We thought the wrong team was favored and won on points and also on the money line.

Missouri is up 5 on West Virginia at halftime.

Misery and UF both snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. Both were in control with four minutes left.