UGa boots baseball player for racial slurs

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You would have thought we were beyond that. Well, no, you wouldn’t. The last 10 years have taught me that much.

Will always be there, but you just hope it’s less and less as we go on.

Pretty amazing he did that, but you never have to worry about it coming out of your mouth if it’s not in your mind.

What an idiot! with social media being what it is today.he must have been drunk to think that wasn’t going to be noticed…very good player too .adoios amigios!!

I looked at the Georgia baseball roster for 2018. He had one black teammate. That’s not uncommon in college baseball, which has become almost as much of a rich-white-kid sport as golf or tennis. There have been years UA had zero nonwhite players. This year we have two, Campbell and McClain.

Kicked off.

As he should have been.

That was just downright stupid.

Are you offended due to lack of whites on the Hoops team?

You shouldn’t be. We should be recruiting the best we can get and not label people by color.

Offended is not the issue. My point is that if the kid had had more black teammates coming up through the ranks, and at UGa as well, he might have had his racial attitudes adjusted a bit. And the problem is not just limited to Georgia. But yeah if our black basketball players were calling white opponents (or teammates) whatever current slurs apply to Caucasians, I’d have a problem with that too.

But then again, I know some people very well who played high school and college football with lots of blacks and still use the N word freely. So maybe its just him.