UGA at Arkansas game thread

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You and I have already discussed a possible early development. Let’s see :wink:

Any updates yet as to who is not playing for either team?

You should check out the game blog:


That’s a welcome site pursuit to the ball and Bumper laid a hit on Mathis! Good sign.


First big play. 4th and four.

Tempo. First downs. Defensive execution. What is this?! :smiley:

Touchdown Arkansas! Sweet words to hear.

Wow. Good throw by Franks and Burke’s gets his first TD!

Chuck is right: "Oh what a difference a quarterback makes!"

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Woo pig soooie!

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Holy crap! I see tackling by the defense and composure on offense.

Excuse me…

I think I might have gotten something in my eyes. I’m peeling onions over here.


I’m so happy

This is a new Razorback team

Greatly Improved

Woooo PIG Sooooieee

Hog heaven for a few minutes.

Nice to see a real quarterback get The ball to Burks For his first TD

Cmon defense!!!

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The fact that was Treylon’s 1st TD as a Hog was reason enough to fire Morris!

The Hogs look a lot better. Growing pains on offense. They are playing hard so far. Great to see!

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So far Odom and the D get :star: :star:

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How do we respond to adversity? This is a good test.

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Yes they will need to hold here after the INT to just a FG I hope.