Is a great team kudos to Hurley


I Conn. We were all conned by U Conn. Not your average 4 seed.

UConn just destroying the zags

A moment ago they had outscored the Zags 24 pts since half

MERCY, please.

I feel much better. :sunglasses:


Not a doubt in my mind that UConn is the best team in the country.


UConn has everything you need to win a title. Overwhelming size up front, and some skill, and guards with plus size who will defend at a high level and can hit shot after shot. I thought Duke would win it all after seeing it live in San Fran last March. I don’t see anyone beating UConn in Houston. The Huskies could very well win all of their games in this tournament by 15+.

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Agree, they’ve put 2 GREAT games together in a row. The difference this year from last year, is he brought in a senior PG transfer from E Carolina, who’s starting and leading in assists and steals and is a good 3 point shooter. He also brought in his leading 3 point shooter (44%), a Sr transfer from San Diego. He also brought in a double digit minutes Sr grad transfer from VA Tech. And he has a freshman (red-shirt?) (Karaban) starting.

Add these 4 players to All-world Hawkins (Soph) and Sanogo (Jr) along with Jackson (Jr) and you’ve got a powerhouse team.

Surely Hawkins will be a high draft pick after this season. He’s amazing.

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What about the 7’2’’ man-child Donovan Clingan? He looks better to me than Sanogo, but Sanogo is more experienced.

He looks like he will be really good going forward if Sanogo leaves. He only got 13 minutes a game this first year. Their other freshman Big, Karaban, got 29 minutes a game. Which turned out to be high for the whole team. He also made 41% of his 3s.

If Sanogo doesn’t leave after this season, it wouldn’t surprise me if Clingan went into the transfer portal. I bet Muss would jump on that.

I’ve ALWAYS felt this tournament boils down to the team with the best guards, and right now the ones for Uconn have the experience and are playing with their hair on fire. I can’t see them losing to anyone left in the field.

Don’t get me wrong, Sanogo and Clingan are really good, but their guards in my opinion are the straw that stirs the drink.

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UConn is only shooting 44% from the three line in the tourney… there’s the NC team unless something crazy happens. The Zags are a shell of what they were the last few years.

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I have not followed UConn that much, so don’t have my own opinion on thus, but Jay Wright pointed out that that UConn does not have a PG and he is surprised how well they have done with Newton running the point.

Jay should know, but the kid is averaging 6 assists a game in these last 4 ncaa games. I’d love to have a “not a PG” like Newton with the Hogs next season.

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If you have great shooters, the assists pile up. Just get out of the way. How many assists did Lee get for passing it to Todd?

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Very true. And if your primary ball handler gets the ball to the shooters in an accurate and timely manner they’ll pile up even faster.