UConn up next

Arkansas will play UConn at 2 p.m. Sunday on ESPN.

Good deal. Looking forward to it. Love the experience this team is getting so early in the season. Going to be a fun year.

While I will be rooting on my Razorbacks as usual, I will also be rooting hard for one U-Conn Husky. #34 Forward David Onuorah, the Cornell transfer who I coached in 6th grade church school league ball at St. Thomas More in Decatur Georgia 11 years ago. Outstanding young man who already holds an Ivy League degree.

Hope he is the ONLY Husky that has a good game.

Stayed up and watched the first half of the UCONN/Mich St game last night. Went to bed at halftime, because the game was boring me. I couldn’t figure out if both teams were so good, they made the other team look bad, or if they were both just bad. I seen the final score, so I assume Mich ST was much better than what I saw in the first half. Now, saying that and watching UNC, Duke, and Texas, I think UNC maybe underrated. I think they win our bracket, and I think we will beat UCONN (again based off first half of the game last night) I think we could beat MSU.

Great to be playinmg these teams. If we could come out of this deal 2-1 with netrual site wins over OU and UConn and a loss to NC. That is a positive anyway you look at it. I stated earlier that when you play these type teams, you will lose some. Rather lose to them now than be shocked in March by their ability.

Certainly, did not give our best effort against NC (very talented team), but will help if we have to play them again in March.

What is the situation with Macon?

best part of these games is the experience that Gafford is getting against quality opponents

Absolutely agree

And cj shaking off his game jitters finally

These games are great early season benchmarks. They expose these kids to playing a high quality opponent and it gives them an idea of how they need to perform to beat them in the future.

I am still really excited about this season!