UConn game thread

Game will start a little late, about 30 minutes after Texas-Gonzaga wrap up.

Macon was going through warm-up stuff in the back and looked good. Will try to play, but may be limited in mobility and minutes. Couldn’t practice at all yesterday.

Bamba looks really good.

As soon as I said that he turned it over and fouled

I LOVE Bamba haha. GMs are going to have an interesting time deciding between him, Bagley and Ayton come June.

Yeah, I saw you mention Porter in the tweet, I think Porter drops because these other guys are gonna have a whole year of good play, against quality teams. I think Porter’s little brother may end up going higher than Porter.

I was talking big guys specifically with those three. Doncic and Porter could figure in, but I think Porter slides a bit because of the back. Still, those top 5 had a lot of separation, so I think he’ll have an opportunity to still go top 5 if his physicals show the back won’t be a huge issue. Porter kinda reminds me of Harrison Barnes. Not that he can’t be really good, but I think he’s a little stiff.

Daryl is moving around pretty well during warmups. Hopping and jumping on the ankle. Just spun into a 3-pointer that he swished.

Did he just roll it?

That’s my understanding. Couple people I talked to this morning thought he wouldn’t be 100 percent but that it would be a pain tolerance thing.

So, by Houston he should be good?

Hard to know, everyone heals differently. He didn’t practice yesterday. I’d imagine next week is a light one for him.

What do you think of UCONN?

Daryl gets the start. Same 5.

Walton’s talking again about what a great leader Mike Anderson is. Meanwhile, Jeff Goodman is making notes on the sideline to come up with something to rip MA about.

Any score update?

I miss the old days when the announcers actually talked about the game, the current teams that are playing and what was happening on the court… sigh…



20-7 at the under-12 TVTO. Barford has 7 himself. Macon has 5

I can’t decide if Walton is just crazy or his ego is out of control.


29-11, 9:02 left. UConn just called its second TO.

Just muted the sound. Much better. :shock: