I know this is a Hog board. But, if anyone is watching the Bruins, you would see a coach who gets his players to buy in and do exactly what He wants. It’s a joy to watch.

This is a national championship team IMHO.

Like I told you in the PM, I hope UCLA beats the slime off The Squid.

Cronin is a great coach.

Seems like we owe UCLA some payback…circa 1995.
Wouldn’t that be something?


UCLA might argue they owed us payback from 1978 in Albuquerque.


Can’t help you there. I was 5.
But I sure remember sitting on the bench in 95 and knowing the best team didn’t win.

George Zidek and Toby Bailey might disagree. LOL. Crushing loss.

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You honestly have no idea.

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Jeebus. This thread is about 2022 not 1995. The current rendition of the Bruins is fun to watch.

Sorry, Pav. I’m still salty about 95, but I will definitely be pulling for the Bruins Saturday.

Me too Jeremy. The whole world considered the UNC v Arkansas was the true championship decider. UCLA threw a wrench in that plan. The whole time we had the answer sitting on the bench and couldn’t play. That game still pisses me off. The O’bannons and that Toby Bailey kid and who was the replacement guard… Dollar??

I tell ya, driving home from Charlotte was easy (though a bit hungover in the backseat going through the twists and turns of the Great Smoky Mountains was a dreadful thing to endure). It was nothing compared to having to drive home from Seattle after that UCLA debacle. Longest drive of my life.


The victory over UCLA in the West Regional (if that’s what they called it) was the coming out party for the triplets. Great, monumental victory.


We need Mick Cronin and Tommy Lloyd to be successful in their current gigs for a long time IMO

UCLA better hope that Arkansas losses before they meet in the NCAA or they will not win a NC.

We’ll have a better idea after they play UK. I feel Maryland is overrated, if that’s what’s currying their favor. Nevertheless, UCLA has a net of 6.

Yeah but we owed them for what Wooden’s bunch did to Lanny Van Eman’s Runnin Razorbacks in 1970.

I listened to that game on the radio, which was not easy to do at that time; I think the basketball radio network was about three stations. (It was in November 1973, by the way). It was the first time we’d ever played the #1 ranked team, which is a little surprising given the success of Okie Lite under Henry Iba and we’d played them a few times. Bill Walton scored 23 points (and got a technical). Wooden seriously cleared the bench (they played 16 people) and they still won by 22.

But Rickey Medlock scored a game-high 27, so he had that going for him. That was our first game after Martin Terry (AKA Pav’s avatar).

The next night we played at UC-Santa Barbara and got beat by 29.

Three future Hall of Famers on the UCLA roster that night: Walton, Jamaal Wilkes and Marques Johnson. Marques came off the bench and scored 3 points.

My memory of that night was Sidney was called for a foul diving on the floor for a loose ball. My brother, who has had anger management issues since he was in diapers, got up and punched the family room wall, putting a dent in the wood paneling that was still there 8 or 9 years later when Dad was ready to sell the house and move to Little Rock. I guess Dad had to get that section of paneling replaced.

Well at least I got within 3 years! It’s coming back to me now. Lanny’s last year. Unable to follow up on the little bit of success from the previous year. If I’m not mistaken, we had a 5’10 guard who was scoring a lot early in the season, but was ruled ineligible, and never played for us again.

I believe the guard was Ted Thompson.

I should go back and amend the OP. I think UCLA has the coaching and component parts to compete for a NC,