UCLA, Vandy, & OK St

All 3 lost their first game. Not terribly surprised about Ok St losing to TT in Lubbock, but gonna be hard for all 3 of them to advance. I still think Vandy is likely to win its next two, but they got spanked last night.

Vandy looked shell shocked last night, it would be great to eliminate a 1 or 2 seed for the Hogs…

Vandy game just shows you that you better come ready to play and be on your game b/c if not you get embarrased all these teams left are all very good!

Vandy made mistakes that cost them runs early and it gave Duke confidence! You can’t take a pitch off or overlook any team.

It’s possible Vandy expected Duke to be an easy win. I think we did that when we played UALR. A whole bunch of errors; not mentally ready. We shouldn’t have that problem today. We might screw up, but we won’t overlook OM

yeah we should be extgremerly motivated to beat OM just hope we aren’t too eager and make mistakes…I hope they get to see us at our best which they haven’t for a long time,the key is to not let them get ahead early b/c we may get the here we go agains.

well they already blasted a HR so hopefully he can get it back