UCLA loses to LMU

3-2 at UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Field. Top seed in the entire tournament is going to have to come out of the losers bracket. Georgia, Louisville and Georgia Tech are also having to come out. That’s half the supers that may not be at the original site.

UCLA would be on our side of the bracket in Omaha, remember. Or whoever comes out of that super. Right now the super could be Loyola Marymount vs. Michigan; both were 3 seeds.

Quick synopsis of the regionals:
UCLA — LMU in the final, UCLA and Baylor in elimination game Sunday
Corvallis – Michigan in the final, Cincy and Creighton in elimination
OKC – Okie Lite in the final, Nebraska and UConn in elim
Lubbock --TTech in final, Florida and Dallas Baptist in elim
Fayetteville – you already know
Oxford – Rebnecks in final; Clemson and Jacksonville State
Red Stick – LSU in final, Southern Miss and Arizona State
Athens – Florida State in final; Georgia and Florida Atlantic
Nashville – Vandy in final; Ohio State and Indiana State
Morgantown – Duke in final; WVa and A&M
Greenville – a day behind because of rain. Campbell and Quinnipiac are in the winner’s bracket game, ECU and NC State in losers
Louisville – Illinois State in the final; Louisville and Indiana
Stankvomit – Moo U in the final; Miami and Central Michigan
Stanford – Fresno State in the final; Stanford and Sacramento State
Chapel Hill – UNC in final, Tennessee and Liberty
Atlanta – Auburn in final, Georgia Tech and Coastal Carolina

It’s amazing how the games played out today. I hope Georgia comes back and win. I really don’t want to see the hogs face Florida State in any game! Anywhere.

Little known fact: Hogs have never lost to Florida State in baseball. We have a 5-0 record, including three dogpiles on their field, two in a regional, one in a super (first dogpile we didn’t actually play FSU in that regional, but we won the regional anyway). We also dogpiled them at Baum in '04.

Despite the record against them this is Mike Martin’s last year and I just wouldn’t want to play them.

i Have watched them some the last 2 nights and really wasn’t that impressed by them,they have some good hitters and pitchers but I have no doubt we hit both of thier top pitchers and Campbell could definently control that offense…Pac 12 hashad a woeful showing!!and the questions have to remain as to how strong the league is.

I want some of these SEC teams like Georgia, LSU, out because we have a better league than the rest of the country and frankly would rather play UCLA and Florida State to win the CWS. The league is so talented and we all know too much about each other.

It’s interesting to see how poorly the Pac 12 has fared. On Selection Monday, the UCLA coached called the Pac 12 the strongest league in the country. I laughed out loud at the time even though I know it’s got some good teams. But Cal is gone, Ore St is gone, UCLA, ASU, & Stanford are in the losers bracket.

It’s not a Pac-12 team, but UC-Santa Barbara, which a lot of people thought might host, was also eliminated in two games. West Coast baseball is not for me. I know some teams have won championships playing that style, but it seems it gets exposed a lot this time of year.

I think UCSB would have hosted if it hadn’t lost its last series to Cal Poly at home. But then they went two-and-through in the regional.

Seems to me that West Coast teams tend to be pitching heavy. Molester State was unfortunately very complete last year. This year their offense was lacking except for Rutschman and they paid for it this weekend.

Baylor playing well enought to eliminate #1 today. Im actually pulling for DBU vs SEC gators. Lots of loser bracket hosts in elimination games