UCLA Interviews Rick Barnes

https://www.latimes.com/sports/ucla/la- … story.html

Wonder whats going on at Tennessee for Barnes to want to leave

Wouldn’t it just be easier at this point to report the coaches UCLA has not pursued?


I’ll be very surprised if Barnes is hired. He loves TN and they love him.

He’ll reap more $$$ out of this UCLA flirtation. IMVHO

Reports say it is a serious negotiation. Also keep in mind that Barnes has a rebuilding year coming up. Plus did not make it past Sweet 16 with his best team. He got fired from Texas for not making it to second week in his last seven years there. Maybe he worries about that, I think repeating even a Sweet 16 at Tennessee is tough.

That’s likely true, but the folks in Westwood will show him the door a lot faster than the folks in Knoxville ever would. Post John Wooden, their head coaches have averaged about 4 years on the job.

Rick is 65. Maybe looking at making maximum $s over the next five years before hanging it up.

It makes sense, and if they show him the door, he retires fat dumb and happy.

I just heard on ESPN radio they have offered him 5 years for 5 mill a year plus huge incentives. Ole Rick may be gone to LA LA land.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … -ucla-vols

Just saw where Vols have countered.

If i was a betting man I’d bet Barnes is reading up on the best sunscreen to use in California ! WPS

It will be expensive to live there. Better get a bunch of money.

Expensive and annoying. Worst city for driving in america. I’d rather drive in downtown Manhattan.

I can second that
When I was there for the baseball series in February it took me 2 hours to travel the 12 miles to get to the game

True and $4mill in tenn goes a lot further that $5 mill in Cali

Just the state taxes alone would be a major consideration… trust me, I move to SoCal from TX (no state tax)… was painful.

Rick is staying in Knoxville. With more cash in his pocket. Good man. Good coach.

Good for SEC!