UCLA and thier trip to China

I guess we live in a country where we take college kids all over the world to play basketball. I think it’s time to teach these kids a lesson about being a guest in a foreign country and about the differences in thier legal system.
The Ball kid and the 2 others that are being suspected of shoplifting may get a lesson they should have learned long ago.
I guess the only good thing about this incident is that it didn’t happen in Saudia Arabia. They would cut their hand off.
Those 3 kids may go to jail over this and in China it’s very possible. What a wonderful way for American kids to represent thier country!

Article in the paper today said that if charged, the conviction rate in China is 99%. Whoops.

Pretty good conviction rate. The burden is on you to prove innonce and not on the government to prove guilt in the same degree as our liberal system.

These guys already lead their team in steals and missed shots.

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