UCF or Illinios

Some are saying that Coach B might be coach at one of these two next year…

I think its safe to say that coach B will not get fired and will be someplace else next year.

We need to get to 6-6 so bad… we need the extra practice and need to go out and make a great hire that fits Arkansas!

You may be right, but I wouldn’t bet my house on that scenario. Especially if we get to 6-6.

I heard he wants out… And the wife has wanted out…

Illinois and Lovie will part; and it could come calling.

Just what I heard from some Big Ten friends and my boss who went to Ill … He is connected in the Ath Dept.

A homecoming for Bret. The Illinois boy goes home!

What a great story. I like it!!!

That is one rumor I have not heard, but that would be good. Bret goes back to his home state and the Big 10…er 12. We get a reprieve from the pain and agony of what is happening to this program, maybe. At least we get a fresh re-start. I hate Coach B didn’t get it done, but we are not gonna stop till we can find a guy who can get it done. Maybe a miracle will happen and we’ll sweep the remaining games. These two teams…LSU and Moo U are certainly beatable.

It would be great for both sides.

Brets not a bad coach, he just isn’t quite good enough to win at Arkansas. Especially seeing that he was entering a league he wasn’t familiar with.

I’d like to see him have success, and maybe a mutual agreement will be best for both sides. I appreciate the good that Bret has done while he’s been here, but that doesn’t keep your job as a coach, winning does.

That would be a nice scenario. I’m sure he is a good man and wish him nothing but the best. He just isn’t going to get it done here. I expected him to be on average a 7 win a year coach here. I don’t think that we should settle for that. If averaging 7 wins a year is acceptable, we should have kept Nutt and been content.

Even if we were to win out, (which we won’t) a change needs to be made. We start slow and finish strong or we have a year like last season. Whether it’s win one lose one, starting strong and finishing bad or starting bad and finishing strong, it will usually result in overall not good enough. I do want a change. If he can land on his feet and save some face by taking another job, great for both sides and best of luck to him.

Brett is from Iowa I believe. Played for Hayden Fry at Iowa. Not sure of any connections to the Illinois athletic department.

He is from Illinois. Went to school at Iowa.

He played at iowa but is from Illinois.

Born and raised in Prophetstown, Illinois so the Illini would be a home coming of sorts. Myself I hope this is just a rumor if we can finish strong this year . WPS

Rumors are a dime a dozen when it comes to football coaches’ futures.

Agreed Matt. As Fullback Mac said of rumors all those years ago:

Lateral moves only happen when you’re losing
Players only love you when they’re playing
Fans only love you when you’re winning
Say coaches they will come and they will go
When it’s time for a change you’ll know, you’ll know

Don’t stop. :smiley:

Have you seen Lovie’s buyout, he isn’t going anywhere.

Fixed it for you. As noted elsewhere in the thread, Lovie isn’t going anywhere just yet. Current buyout to get rid of him: $16 million. Another interesting tidbit in his contract, as reported by the Champaign paper: Illinois is prohibited from talking to any potential replacement or a potential replacement’s agent while Lovie is under contract. Meaning they’d either have to fire him first, or violate the contract.

I’m calling BS…don’t believe that at all. In fact, unless we lose each SEC game left on the schedule, he’ll be back. …might be anyway.

Just posting what I heard.

Oh and Lovie wants to get back to the NFL.

But you guys are also forgetting the UCF option… That job is for sure coming open, watch that one also.

Ha Ha, and reporters are a half off ever Tuesday!

I hear you. That’s what we all do:)…Actually, the UCF option makes a ton of sense considering his wife is from Florida (Tampa I think) and it’s a little bit of a step down from here jobwise. They might could spin it as the school and CBB “mutually agree to part ways” citing the wife’s desire to get back to Florida. Who knows…