Uca tonight

TELEVISION The game will be streamed online by SEC Network-Plus and can be accessed via WatchESPN.com and the ESPN app (carrier login required).”

I have the ESPN+ app on my smart TV. I THINK that is how I finally got the Penn BB game, but the stream did not start until halftime! Same thing with my computer trying to watch on “watchespn.com”…did not start up until halftime.I installed Hulu for my smart TV to get CBS, but I wanted to see games in my home theater with my projector/large screen set-up, so I got a ROKU. The techie who installed it hooked it up to my pre-amp/processor in an HDMI port that I could not get to work after he left…a friend changed the hook-up to my DVD port and that worked for the Missouri FB game. Technology has passed me by!!

I didn’t think ESPN+ and SEC network+ were the same, so I have no idea how I really finally got the second half of the Penn BB on my smart TV!

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, Technology pastime me by years ago, :grinning:

Lots of nice whiz-bang stuff, but, as much as passing me by there is also apparently a gap between creation and delivery/installation/maintenance.

Yes sir , I’m the same way

Bottom line
To get SECN+ you have to have a subscription to SECN on some TV provider.

You then access SECN+ programming through the ESPN app on whatever device you are using. That can be an Android TV, Android phone/tablet, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Firestick, etc.

I have SECN with my provider, and the ESPN app on my smart TV. (I don’t think I have it available when using my EPSON projector/pre-amp-processor.) I guess what you describe is how I ultimately stumbled onto the Penn game on the TV. Your explanation MIGHT help me go directly to it tonight. But, no guarantee it will come on as required. Can you drop by around 6pm and help me? :sweat_smile:

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No good explanation for it to work after halftime but not before. If that happens again Try logging out of the ESPN app or watchESPN.com And logging back in with your cable subscription info again. If you are trying to use the projector I would think roku has an ESPN app? if not can you plug in the projector to a computer with hdmi cable and project watchESPN.com? Man this sounds like a lot of headache just to watch the UCA bears :joy: hope it works out for you and notae drops 50 on em

I have infinity/Comcast cable and have never had to login or even sign up.I just click infinity and it says I am automatically signed in and then it goes to the game

Thanks. Take too long to explain all the crap I go through to try to get the game on my smart TV and/or my projector. I am always ready with my desk top computer if TV fails, but even computer did not show game until after halftime.

Cable not an option to get in my neighborhood.

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