UCA is changing leagues?

Completely missed this.

The ASun has not previously sponsored football as an FCS conference sport but will do so now with UCA and two other new members for 2021-22.

That looks like a good league for UCA, relatively speaking.

Geographically (not that that matters any more), the Southland is a better fit than the ASun. But I would say the ASun is a superior conference in basketball (better in 2021 in conference rankings using both RPI and NET). We’ll have to see how it shakes out in football. I believe seven ASun schools play football.

Looks as if tied to earlier announced defections from the Southland Conference, headed to the WAC.

This from January 2021 Athletic Business.

'The Southland Conference is reportedly on the verge of a breakup, with four member schools set to leave and seek membership within the Western Athletic Conference.

The American Press reports that four Texas-based Southland schools: Abilene Christian, Lamar, Sam Houston State and Stephen F. Austin, will announce their intent to leave the Southland Conference in July of 2022, and join up with the WAC.

The exodus would bring football back to the WAC, which hasn’t sponsored the sport since 2012. Reports indicate that the WAC is seeking to grow and reach the FBS level in football within a decade. Southern Utah, currently a member of the Big Sky Conference, has also been mentioned as a potential new member of the WAC.

Pending defections, the Southland would have just six football-playing schools — the minimum number of schools required for an automatic bid to the postseason.

Southland Commissioner Tom Burnett told the American Press that the shifting conference landscape is something he’s come to expect.

"History of this league has seen a lot of changes and a lot of teams coming and going,” Burnett said. “If it comes to that, we will expect to have the same type of success at attracting new schools as we have in the past.”

The Southland may consider such options as adding new schools from other FCS conferences or the Division-II level. A name change is also on the table, to provide the league with a fresh identity.’

Considering the reduced number of conference schools competing in football, that presents (at the outset) more opportunities along with challenges in scheduling non-conference match-ups.

As the westernmost school in A Sun that will result in added travel cost compared to the Southland but COULD provide wider exposure in more markets.

Likely, a result of four other Southland schools already leaving to join the WAC.

Interesting. If the Southland goes poof, that’s one more at large bid for hoops of both genders, baseball, softball, etc.

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