UCA has announced their 2022-23 schedule

And the Hogs aren’t on it. They do have a trip to Ireland in November though.

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Thank goodness

I wonder if some of these teams are figuring out playing the Hogs isn’t as fun as they thought it would be.

Hopefully some fans clamoring for games against UCA, ASU, UALR, and USPB will find that out too. Can’t build a strong resume playing teams like that.


Based on Coach Musselman’s comments last year, the staff thought that playing UCA and Little Rock would generate a lot more fan interest than it did. Once they saw that the attendance was basically the same as the games against Gardner-Webb and Penn, etc. they realized that there was no need to go out of their way to schedule in-state opponents. I suppose we may see Little Rock again at some point since Coach Musselman and Coach Walker have a good relationship, but I wouldn’t expect to see it every year.


I don’t know that Muss and staff expected more fan interest, but I suspect Hunter did.

I hope the in state games in all sports will tone down. Especially in baseball and basketball.
Football don’t need to play them either.

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I still don’t t understand the logic of playing UCA in the regular season and UNT in an exhibition. Arkansas missed out on a solid quad 1 non conference win there.

As long as Grant McFarland continues to coach at UNT, Arkansas should schedule them as a non conference regular season opponent every season. Guaranteed quad 1 win.

I’m still hoping to see the Hogs and Boll Weevils on a neutral court somewhere between Fayetteville and Monticello. Would be a great night for basketball in the state.

Hogs are not going to play a Division II team, which is what UAM is. Ever. Anywhere. Talk about killing your NET…

Who are those “some fans”. I’ve never met a one.

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I’m a major clammorer. I clammored for a game with UAM in this very thread. Instate games are exciting and a natural for the natural state. Reddies, Weevils, Tigers and Bears oh my! They’re like pokemon. Gotta catch em all! What’s that team in Clarksville called? Let’s play a midnight scrimmage with them in the Winslow Squirrell gym.

Some ASU fans think they are on our level and demand we play them in all sports. Delusional. The Red Wolves want no part of the team Muss got in Fayetteville right now.

I’m certainly not clamoring but I do get more excited about a UA/UCA game than a UA/Western Baptist College for the Poor, Blind Nuns game.

It’s just a matter of what generates intrigue but is always relative to what other opponent options may be.

Now now. You know that Baptists don’t have nuns, and religious institutions aren’t part of the UofA system. Now a matchup with the Williams Baptist Eagles of Walnut Ridge is another matter.I’d kind of like to see that. Could really help our recruiting in places like Pocahontas, Corning, Biggers, Reyno and Success.

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Mostly, the Arkansas Sports Media.

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