UCA beat Western Kentucky

Why does the outcome of that game have anything to do with Morris’ future ? What does beating a team that lost to UCA prove?

Given the embarrassment of today combined with the SJSU debacle I expect Morris to be fired in the next couple of days. If not, I would expect the WKU game has no bearing on his fate. LSU and Missouri might -sweep them and he deserves another year.

You might not want to hold your breath on that one.

If we lose, then yes, I’ll guarantee he gets fired. If we win, and pull off a win against LSU or Mizzou, then he’ll be here.

We might, MIGHT beat WKU. I have no doubt we have more talent than WKU, but I’m not sure that’s our biggest problem right now. Team seems to have quit. Losing to MSU wasn’t a shock, but I never dreamed they’d beat us like they did on our own field.

I certainly hope we beat WKU although I don’t think winning will have much bearing on whether Morris stays or goes. I think there’s no chance we will beat Missouri. (No need to even discuss LSU)

Not beating LSU or Missouri. Morris is incapable of beating an SEC or P5 team.

LSU could play 9 on defense and 9 on offense and we could beat them!
As far as UCA beating WKY that means nothing. I’m just proud this year we don’t get to see the Hogs play A ST
or UCA. I’m hoping the Hogs find a way to win their next game against WKY! That’s not exactly a sure thing!
These young hogs have been beaten on the field and on social media. In the post game press conference it was apparent that Sosa and Scoota care and want to win! They need an offensive spark early to begin a game. Something good needs to happen in their favor. The defense needs some help where they can rest and our offense can stay on the field and score.
The defense was wore out before halftime. That’s the darn problem.
Maybe this blind staff won’t put Hicks or Starkel back on the field again and SJS and KJ can finish this season out where just maybe we see some good offense that can move the ball and score!
Just a win!

We have to turn in our picks Saturday night for the next week.

I picked Western Kentucky.

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General, can you give us your Arkansas winning score prediction for the LSU game?
We all expect you to predict that Arkansas will win every game until the other team proves otherwise.
Beyond that, could you detail exactly how you see that win at LSU unfold?
I believe most of us think that we should have a chance to be competitive with WKU at home next week although a win certainly isn’t a sure thing.
I also believe that 99.9% of Arkansas fans don’t see any path to beat LSU.
Missouri isn’t very good, but Arkansas is absolutely awful at this time and I doubt that any college football prognosticators will pick Arkansas to win against the Tigers.
Love your optimism, but at some point we would like to hear some realism in your posts.
We are all Hog fans and hate what we are going through with this once proud football program and everyone voices their frustrations differently, just let people vent in their own way even if you don’t agree with the tactics.
Maybe Basketball will give us some optimism this season, but our lack of size may hold us back a bit this year.

Go Hogs!

I’ll say the same thing I always do. That’s why they play the game. Any team can be beaten on any given day. There are no guarantees in this life.

we will have to score almost every drive because our defense is the worst in the nation. let caldwell call defensive plays. get chavis out of here now.

There are 2 guarantees in this life General. It’s called death and taxes. I also can personally guarantee the Hogs have no chance VS LSUx or Missouri!

What was the chance that we would beat LSU the last time we played them in BR that they we ranked #1? If you recall, that was the Right Reverand Nutt’s last game.

We could change the rules for the LSU game and be on offense for every play and LSU only play defense and we would still lose… now, if UCA beat WK that gives us something that Lloyd would say in “Dumb and Dumber”.

This team doesn’t have McFadden, Jones, and Hillis.