UCA at Arkansas

Well Marty can you deliver the win? It’s odd not seeing Slavens in the lineup.

I will try, but I’m not there. I have to get ready for four dog shows this weekend (here in town). I’m listening, but at home while I take care of details.

Good luck with the show. Most of all I hope you have fun.

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Well other than the lead off walk Adcock looked pretty good in the first. Now 2 HBP in a row in the 2nd. Not to good.
Sloppy throw to first coat a run. Giving up a run to UCA without a hit.
Get 2 runner on no outs and Jones swings at the 3-2 pitch up and out of the zone for the first out. Wow

Diggs had a shot at a grand slam, but send it to second baseman.

Come on Adcock….get a K

The shift got em

I can tell we are at the bottom of the batting order. :joy::joy::joy:

I hope we can get 6 innings out of Adcock.

I just hope Adcock finds command.
I also hope the hogs are able to get a homer tonight.

Looks like UCA found their pitcher.

Letting pitches go by for a strike won’t help. :scream:

Nope especially when it’s the best pitch to hit you are going to get.

Looks like we’ve had plenty of hits but only have 3 runs… good to see Adcock throw well though …only one hit

Yes but Adcock Hit 2 batter in a row to help UCA get the run. Oh course Polk made the poor throw to first on the steal of 3rd base to get it across the plate.

Okay I’m just now getting in from the gym.