UAPB vs Iowa State

The Lions coach called timeout and had the team run gassers in the middle of the game. Apparently they weren’t getting back on defense.

This is so ridiculous! First of all UAPB was never going to beat Iowa St. and the head coach knows that. He is just embarrassing his players in front of thousands of people.

I coached AAU for 12 years and never seen anything like that. This was a money game and Bozeman knew that.


I bet he was trying to make a point to hustle regardless of who you’re playing. I doubt it was about the score. I also don’t doubt he had tried to make his point to the players earlier in the game during breaks.

We had a recent family issue with a 28 yr old son and his wife who just don’t seem to try. They don’t pay their bills, spend money frivolously, don’t keep things clean, and play a lot of video games. Very, very far from being mature. My wife and her family have done all kinds of things to help them out over the past 7 years. They are beyond generous! The daughter in law called my wife 2 nights ago all upset because she felt like they were being judged and it wasn’t fair. She threw a bunch of excuses out there blah blah blah.

What they fail to understand is we are all judged every day whether we like it or not. There are standards and minimum expectations. Have a job, pay your bills, try your best, etc. Bottom line- don’t want to get embarrassed by running a sprint during a game. Handle your business. Don’t want to feel judged. Handle your business.

Sure this was a money game and they probably were going to lose but there’s never a good enough excuse for not trying your best. And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!


Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson both did it AFTER games as soon as they got the fans out


DD, if I recall correctly, Nolan was very unhappy with a team’s effort on the road once. when they flew back to Nam, he had practice, like at midnight! am I imagining that, or did it really happen? seems almost like an urban legend, but I’d swear that I remember that.


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Yes. that is true.


I’ve never believed in disciplining in public view. I’m sure others have different ideas about that.

When our kids would get a little crazy in public, my wife would smile, grit her teeth and say “wait til we get home” with a smile on her face.

Bozeman could have ran them after the game or when they got back home. What’s the point in doing that during a game?

Plenty of games we didn’t run back well but Muss never ran his team during the game. He took care of it in practice the next day. Doesn’t have anything to do with being judged.

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I understand. He was obviously trying to make a point to them. I only mentioned the judgement part as you said he was embarrassing them. I’ll say this. When a player doesn’t give his best effort, they are embarrassing themselves and the team already.

I had a close friend that passed away but he always said before races, “wake up, show up, and don’t embarrass yourself.”


Well UAPB was set up to get embarrassed from the jump. They signed up for a money game. I get it that they have to play these types of games but as a D1 coach you need to be honest with yourself.

Walk in the gym, look at Iowa St. warming up, realize your going to get waxed, coach hard, try hard and get the hell out of Dodge…lol

My AAU team was 5th and 6th grade at a janky tournament years ago. They told us we had to play up in the 7th grade division because there weren’t enough teams in the 6th grade division. The first team we played was wind mill dunking in warm ups. My tallest kid could barely touch the net.

A lady came up behind the bench and said “don’t get upset, those kids have been held back at least twice”. I took my whoopin and got out of there. We fought hard and never quit but we got beat by 25 or so.

Bozeman knows the deal.


By the way UAPB is 1-8 with there only win against Arkansas Baptist by 5 who just became an NAIA school this year.

They have been getting blown out since the season started but Bozeman wants to be a tough guy last night with his players. Bush league at best.

They play Baylor Saturday…can’t wait to see what he makes them do during that game.


I said in my earlier post. I doubt running had anything to do with the score. I’m sure he anticipated a loss.

This is the part he was probably upset about. They weren’t fighting hard.

My communications skills must be sucking tonight.

Unbelievable. Those players showed up to take their beatdown and collect a paycheck for their school. They didn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated. This punishment says far more about the coach than it does the players.

I’m sure he thought he was teaching those players a lesson. He taught them a lesson alright–but not the lesson he thought he was teaching.


And the entire UAPB team hits the portal in 5,4,3…


I have no problem with it. UAPB has to play alot of money games so there’s no telling when they’ll be back in PB.

Although they play alot of money games, UAPB has won some in the past and won the play-in game the last time they made the NCAA, with the reward being playing the #1 seed Duke.

It’s embarrassing, but these kids are playing D1 ball, so you have to set the culture.

They play ASU at home next Monday.

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Sometimes you do something on a whim and regret it.


That’s not a culture I would want my program to have any part of. I have no problem with a coach being a hard a**. But if a coach can’t handle disciplining players without making a public spectacle then he has no business being in the profession.


That’s what I’m saying. Maybe he should take his ball and go home. Bozeman needs to get over himself quick.


Should help out on his recruiting efforts…NOT! Kids today aren’t the same as they were 30-40 years ago when Sutton and Nolan were coaching. Need a little more pampering. You can bet if I was a coach recruiting against Bozeman, I would have this video cued up and ready to show any kid considering UAPB.