UAPB up 11 at halftime against pre-season #14 TCU

That’s a wow score.

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Yeah I’d say so! Go Golden Lions!

Lions shooting 52% from deep in the first half. That’s how you pull off a road upset.

Frogs shooting 33% overall and 15% from deep.

Meanwhile the UAPB women were supposed to give the Hogs a battle tonight in PB. Uh, no. It’s 68-48 and UAPB has trimmed the deficit down from 26 in the fourth quarter.

UAB loses a nail biter, 73-72. Looks like a lotta home cookin’ from the refs. 23 fouls on UAPB and only 11 fouls called on TCU.

UAPB has a kid named Braham Harris, who I knew from the Maumelle Community Center a few years ago. The last time I talked to him, he was headed to 3 Rivers CC in Poplar Bluff. Good to see he made it back to Arkansas and is contributing to an improved Golden Lion team.

Can’t take any team for granted in hoops.

You can take your opponent lightly and get a loss real quick! It would have been ni e for that last FG attempt for USPB to go through the basket. That would have been a huge win for them.

Texas beat Utep 72-57.

Why was this game not televised? Is possible for Neighbors to have some guidance in basic organizational fan base engagement? I applaud his willingness to go out into the state to play UAPB, ASU, UCA, and UALR but I don’t understand why he does not make this effort conditional on arranging the same television coverage the Lions, Red Wolves, Bears, and Trojans provide for their other games? The frustrations take away from the enjoyment of what should be an exciting season. Get with it Mike.

It would have been nicer had the refs stayed away. TCU got 38 free throw attempts. UAPB got 10. TCU was given the green light to basically mug UAPB. TCU was so protected that if a UAPB breathed on them too much, the refs blew the whistle. Home Cooking.

Uh, Tom. The visiting team does not make those arrangements. This one’s on UAPB.

As for the UAPB men, the Frogs hit a transition three in the last minute to take the lead and held on despite bricking a key 1-and-1.

Jeff, I believe I made the point that Mike should be expecting UAPB to arrange the telecast. They have their games televised. This is not a big deal for UAPB or any of the other Arkansas schools if they are hosting a contest with the UA. UCA, UAPB, and ASU games with both conference and non-conference games are scheduled for telecast by ESPN and its affiliates.

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