UAPB game

I have to be out of state on business this weekend, so I won’t attend the only LR game of the last two years. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be much of a contest.

I’ll predict 53-14 as a final score. Starters won’t play long. UAPB will get a late TD or two.

Attendance: +/- 45,000

As of a couple of weeks ago, 33,700 tickets had been distributed.

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ouch. Maybe I need to revise the prediction to +/- 38k.

I think this probably counts toward the ticket distribution, but UAPB will bring its full band. Both bands will perform at halftime.

The UAPB band will put on a great show. Having grown up in PB I watched several UAPB homecoming parades on main street. They are awesome.

The UAPB band is TERRIFIC. They call themselves M4.

Marching Musical Machine of the Midsouth. Love their big sound.

Hope we get to watch at least some of it on TV.

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i think they always advertise that the bands performances are on the ESPN App

How many in the UAPB band? I attended the high school marching band contest in Rogers Tuesday and the Missouri State band performed a short exhibition. With ~ 300 they pumped out a huge sound and looked great. I’m not impressed by sheer numbers, mind you, the show has to be spot on.

Wonder if their horns will be muffled due to COVID?

Both bands are 350. I wrote about the bands in my keys column. Much different piece.

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