UAPB at Arkansas game thread

Where has that been all year?

I think that may be the first one since Marvin Jackson I may be wrong

Saw a spin move on the D-Line.

Joltin’ Joe Adams

Yeah I should have known that LOL

Trying to remember but not sure so asking if anyone else remembers…

Last time we were in War Memorial wasn’t there problems with the communication system and the refs? Wasn’t there also some issue with the play clock?

I guess we are in a better spot than the Sooners at halftime so I can stop complaining.

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Yes and I’m embarrassed :roll_eyes:

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That is every trip to War Memorial. I was there for one of the State Championship games last year and the scoreboard stopped working.

We may be playing a better team than the Sooners too.

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guess thats what happens when you play in a dump…

Is UAPB using the Kiffin flop? There have been a couple of injuries right after ARK makes a first down where the “injured” player gets up and sprints off the field after a minute or so.

Very good to see Jackson get a touchdown I think he has a lot of potential… very nice throw

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KJ makes some good throws, but I’ll still put this out there… he needs major work on slants. That tends to be in the footwork… I hope Briles can get that better developed.


How to watch halftime:

Go to SEC network + on the ESPN app, select UAPB at Arkansas. That will show the halftime. I’ve already opened it and it shows “Your event is about to begin”.

Another drop by Thompson.

Time for the Offensive starters to call it a day.

Played much better the last 12 minutes of the 2nd quarter.

Agree. I want to see Malik and AJ a lot in the 2nd half.

We have 426 total yards at halftime, and that doesn’t include punt returns.

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