UAPB at Arkansas game thread

Woo Pig Sooie!!

Well it took us the Arkansas pine bluff game to realize the tight end will be open down the middle LOL… beautiful pass

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Amazing how little time the quarterback has when you blitz and bring the heat… Very good to see

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This is already ugly

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Why don’t we just run up the middle? We should be able to impose out will.

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We are just awful defensively.

Just amazing how much room there is to run for the quarterback up the middle when we don’t blitz. grand canyon smh

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We may not be at max effort, but we still are very prone to gash plays. If we cannot clean this up, the remaining schedule will be challenging.

Team playing uninspired so far.

Yeah I figured that… Embarrassing how they’re able to run the ball right at us

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Beginning to look like the starters will have to stay in longer than expected.

We are just not very good. I am not sure what happened to this team other than injuries. We will win today but the last 14 minutes have not looked good.

I am disappointed in the careless mistakes we continue making. We are not yet good enough to expect that these gifts won’t show up in the outcome.

SEC Teams have game film on our Defense. We are still to small and slow to compete with other SEC Teams.


Well KJ has never had good ball security he just hadn’t paid for it yet until today

Why is DJ not playing more?

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Lots of second teamers out there last 3 defensive possessions. They are playing base and liberally substituting

Warren Thompson’s already dropped 2 touchdown passes quit throwing the freaking ball to him…


Our kickoff guys flat out unbelievable what a cannon for a Leg!!

Now 3rd teamers out there. Will be mistakes but let them grow