UAPB at Arkansas game 1

It’s 65 baseball degrees at beautiful
. Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:
. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball #OmaHogs

Braelin Hence is the brother of Tink Hence, who signed with Arkansas before going pro last year.

Routine so far. They’ve had a couple of nice hits on inside-out swings, but nothing coming from them. And we’re averaging three hits per inning.

Be nice to start scoring some runs against a guy who had given up 43 hits in 21 inn.we have 6 in 6 inn And haven’t had a hit
since 2nd inn. I had a feeling this might happen, we seem to play everyone close. Unreal

I don’t know what to think of this offense. One would think we should handle these guys fairly easy. Bolden pitched well and Morris is looking good. Our pitchers are doing a good job.
A three run lead into the bottom of the 7th against UAPB. Hard to understand our offense. Maybe they are just playing down to the competition.

Well the velocity is way down from what we have been seeing but everybody else had no problem hitting him 43 hits in 21 inn teams hitting. 410 against him, I think we were trying to play HR Derby and have nothing but lazy fly balls

Goodheart – bench. Opitz – bench. Gregory - bench. Playing some people who haven’t gotten at-bats in a while. I’m not entirely surprised by this,

And that guy from Russellville pitched well. No free passes, located the ball nicely. Give him credit.

I believe there is some truth in what you say. They maybe swinging too hard and lose some bat control. That would account for the pop ups and ground outs. I’m sure the players get a little frustrated at not scoring more runs. Then try to hard. But their pitcher has done well, kept us off balance a little.
We won’t lose this game by any means, but I would have thought we would do better
It is, however the B7th and we usually do well in the 7th.
We now have bases loaded and no outs. Will be interesting to see how we do in this situation. Go hogs!

I don’t think they have been very patient tonight. It has been a pretty free-swing approach from what I’ve seen. No one has barreled the ball up very well since the first couple of innings.

Can’t argue with that, Matt. The more impatient, the harder you try.

The velocity has them off balance and we have had trouble with off speed stuff all yr.just can’t wait on the ball ,trying to pull everything.

I can see why Starks hasn’t pitched more, very inconsistent control.

Franklin knows how to hit slow pitching, wait on it and try to take everything up the middle,crushed that ball.everybody else
pulling everything.

Good job Franklin!
He really tagged that one!

Battles baffles me at the plate.

He’s fine had 3 hits Sunday, just had problem with the velocity

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