UAPB at Arkansas DH game 2

Over/under on total UAPB hits for the doubleheader? I’m going with 6.


Really cheap double for Bohrofen. CF runs back and the ball falls in front of him.

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Battles has this oppo field hitting down.

Softball game 2 (yes they have a doubleheader too):

Hogs scored 6 in the bottom of the 1st on a 2-run single and two bombs.

SEMO loaded the bases with nobody out in the 2nd and didn’t score. Comebacker to the pitcher, force at home; comebacker to the pitcher, force at home; ground out.

6-0, bottom of the second

Linnie Malkin now has three homers today and two in the second game (5 RBIs). It’s now 9-0, one out in the second.

That switch from baseball to softball just scrambled my brain. Not sure I’ll recover from that.

More softball:

Taylor Ellsworth just hit a three-run bomb. It’s 14-0, second inning.

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Man oh man! Those girls are on fire!!

Freaky softball stat: The Hogs are hitting .495 for the season with the bases loaded. .495 That number didn’t go down any in the second inning; Sides drew a bases loaded walk, then a sac fly, then Ellsworth’s 3-jack.

Well the home plate u life is a jerk. We all complain about players watching strike 3 but Webb took a swing at ball 4 but the home plate umpire has Ben. Calling that a strike all game long.

And we have a softball player in the baseball game, see above.

We waste a lot of loaded bases…

Softball final, 14-0. Courtney cleared the bench in the late innings, didn’t matter.

Where has this guy been, pitches look fast and great!!!

Man, crazy oppo hitting for Battles!!! I think if he keeps this hitting up his pro stock is going to skyrocket.

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Starks is really coming on!

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